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For those of you that do not know. My Name is Jeff Coseo (yes the last name is real). I have been blessed to have a very successful company in Nebraska and a growing one in Colorado. I will probably sell off both of these in the next year as I am trending away from client based SEO.
I started to do webdesign way back when things where still ugly. Here is the first paying site I ever built. They are still using it today and it was built in 1998 http://www.freedomfirepro.com/

I have always done web design in one form or another. Typically as side work for friends. I have always done work from a PC I graduated from Penn State in 1996 with my I.T. management degree.  Quickly found out I hated every aspect of working in the field and started to focus on web design. This in turn lead to SEO.  I have been focusing mainly on SEO now since 2001. In 2011 I made a move to Lincoln Nebraska based on bad information from a trusted friend. Not his fault at all he just did not know the market. Since then I have built up my company to be the top rated SEO company in the area. I rank number 1 for literally every term there is for SEO in my area.